Easy peasy raw blueberry and maple syrup ice cream

Now I’ve gone back to work, I haven’t nearly as much time to cook, and already, I can feel corners being cut and an increase in grabbable carbs settling around my now grabbable midriff.

So it’s rare of a weeknight for kids’ puddings to be any more complex than fruit and a square or two of chocolate. And with little time to shop and my cupboards hovering around bare since we returned from our half term camping trip when l I started my new job, I’ve been feeling guilty about the amount of junk my kids are eating – and me for that matter.

Ensuring the kids have a good breakfast every day has always been my priority, but now they are making their own, it’s increasingly rare they get anything much more exciting than fruit, Oatabix and milk and a slice of toast if they’re lucky. So with this in mind, I try and make sure even this simple breakfast is as good as it can be – the toast is often homemade, and always sourdough. I prefer Oatabix to Weetabix as it’s gentler on the gut and lower in gluten, and the milk, on the recommendation of my friend and nutritionist Anneliese Setchell of Tonic is, when I can get my hands on it, raw.

But with another weekend gone past where I haven’t managed a big shop, we’re relying on what’s left in the cupboards to feed the family of four. When Annelise posted about her children’s yummy sounding and nutritious tea of veggie frittata, and homemade raw ice cream, I felt a pang of guilt that mine had eaten fish fingers, albeit with broccoli and peas, and as usual, pudding was little more than a boiled sweet.

Super quick children’s tea – Pea and Broccoli Frittata (add steamed peas and brocs to a little melted ghee or butter,…

Posted by Tonic Nutrition on Thursday, 23 June 2016

So when I went to pick up more raw milk today – I’m lucky that my new job is near Borough Market, so I have a ready supply from Hook and Sons, who visit the market from midweek onwards –  I picked up some raw cream to test out Anneliese’s easy peasy recipe for two minute ice cream, and use up a punnet of frozen blueberries I had languishing in the freezer.

Quite simply, she blitzed up frozen berries with the raw cream. I used maple syrup than her recommendation of date syrup, as that’s what I had, and sure enough, I had delicious, silky smooth ice cream in a matter of seconds. The kids  – not normally blueberry fans – taste tested it and declared it delicious, so I popped it in the freezer for when Ava gets back from horseriding, and I can feel better that they made do with flatbread pizza for tea.

Anneliese served her ice cream with bee pollen for an extra nutritional boost, and of all the weird things I’ve got left in my cupboards, bee pollen is one of them – although I’ve struggled to find a use for it except as a topping for honey and yoghurt, which my kids definitely won’t eat.

But with this easy recipe, I can foresee plenty of opportunities to test out other frozen fruits – I have an overripe banana in the freezer that has ben waiting for a rainy day use, and with raw cream and a touch of honey, I imagine my fusspot children will lap it up. Perhaps I can even try them out with more exotic fruits – avocado, pineapple or mango might also work as well.

If you’ve got any bright ideas for easy peasy ice cream flavours, do let me know.


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