Greedy Cow, Mile End

We love the Greedy Cow. We’ve been here many times over the years, normally celebrating birthdays, be it with Jonah’s mates after a laser quest party, or following a snow-day tobogganing down the local hill when they were small. One of the first heralds of Mile End’s regeneration, it has become a local fixture, now feeling more at home nestled as it is between estate agents, a new pizza restaurant, and a trendy card shop than previously when it was girded by run down chicken ‘n’ kebab shops and  whole load of scaffolding.


Happily waiting for our table – only five minutes – while stroking the cowhide wall


Testament to its growing local renown, it was, when we arrived for Tom’s birthday last night, packed to the rafters at 6.30 on a Tuesday, and it’s hardly surprising. The food here is really excellent, and great value too. With options that include exotic meat sliders – kangaroo, ostrich and camel (?), which have strangely never taken my fancy, to kids meals that rival the grown up portions for a fiver a pop, here you can feast like a king for the price of a pauper – which perhaps is why is has remained so popular among Mile End’s still diverse population.

And for those like me, still on an anti-candida diet, avoiding carbs is easy, if you can resist the tasty skin-on fries and the lure of mega-sized onion rings. A bunless burger feels almost healthy topped with avo and cheese when it comes surrounded with leaves and just the tiniest dollop of coleslaw – I’ll have to order that as a side next time!


Typical Greedy Cow Meal choice


And gluten-free beer meant I could treat myself to a perfectly acceptable treat, while the kids, who normally go for homemade lemonade had sprites which negated the need for pudding. On the menu, as well as the burger selection that Tom usually plumps for, are some tasty sounding alternatives – fig and goat’s cheese salad; stuffed butternut squash, steaks, chicken, wagyu beef – but for us, its great range of perfectly cooked burgers win out for value and taste every time. I won’t wax lyrical, but this is one local independent that gets a five star from us every time.

A meal for four with drinks costs around £45. The 4 Hungry Tigers rated our meal *****



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